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Advanced Braces and Clear Aligner Treatment for Children, Teens, and Adults

Whether your child or teenager needs orthodontic braces or you're an adult looking for a way to enhance your smile, then you've come to the right place. Dr. Glenos and Dr. Craig Hadgis offer the latest and best scientifically proven appliances that are the most comfortable and efficient methods of improving smiles and correcting bites. They will thoroughly discuss all the various options suitable for your particular situation during your initial examination appointment.

Our mission is to provide each and every patient with the highest quality pediatric & orthodontic services available anywhere, in a manner that makes the entire experience a pleasure.

When you experience the gentle, personalized treatment by Dr. Glenos or Dr. Craig Hadgis, along with our specially trained, caring technicians and business staff, you will be able to tell right away that you are in the right place. From the very first visit to the beautiful new smile we help create, you can be sure you will receive only the best. This is our commitment to you.

A Beautiful Smile to Last a Lifetime!

The Value of a Smile

It costs nothing but creates much
It enriches those who receive it
Without impoverishing those
Who give it.

It happens in a flash and
The memory often lasts forever.

It creates happiness in the home
Fosters good will in business
And is the countersign of friends.

It is rest for the weary
Delight to the discouraged
Sunshine to the sad, and
Nature's best antidote for trouble.

It cannot be bought, begged or stolen
For it is something that has no earthly
Value to anyone until it is given away.
And if in the hurry and rush of life
You meet someone who is too weary to
Give you a smile – leave one of yours.
For no one needs a smile quite so much
As he who has none to give.

Author Unknown

We look forward to creating a beautiful smile for you!

Dr. Jimmy Glenos, Dr. Craig Hadgis and Team

Please feel free to contact our St. Johns or St. Augustine practice and schedule a complimentary orthodontic consultation. Your lifetime of happy smiles starts here!

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