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Highly Trained and Experienced Team Members

Our team members have an average employment in Drs. Jimmy Glenos and Craig Hadgis' office of more than 13 years. This type of longevity results in an experienced staff with unparalleled understanding of the needs of our patients in terms of caring, gentleness, clinical skills, and customer service. The result is a more efficient and fun treatment experience. All of our clinical team members are Florida State Certified as Orthodontic Technicians. Our business team members have numerous certifications in their specialized areas of expertise in our office. We all stay abreast of the latest in technological advances and business, by regularly attending continuing education seminars and meetings, held during the annual Southern Society of Orthodontists and the American Association of Orthodontists conventions.

Business Team

Clinical Team


Michél Turner

Certified Business/Financial Coordinator, Certified Insurance Specialist

Hometown: St. Augustine, Florida

Favorite movie: "Burlesque"

Super power I wish I had: Multiplicity

Favorite food: Gypsy Cab's "Seafood Buena Vista", YUMMY!

Fun things I like to do: Soduko, cornhole, billiards, and steel tip darts.

Places I would love to visit: Niagara Falls and Hawaii.

I love my job because: Since I began here in 1993, I have been able to have a part in watching adults and children tranform from introverted and shy to outgoing and social because they are proud of their new smiles. Not to mention, the great people I work along side everyday!  


Tiffany Paiva

Certified Treatment Coordinator/Certified Clinical Coordinator/Certified Orthodontic Technician/Lab Technician

Hometown: As a military brat, I was born in Montgomery, Alabama. However, I grew up in central Florida and have called St. Augustine home since 1990.

Favorite movie: "The Little Mermaid", "The Lion King", "Ace Ventura", and "Pirates of the Carribean" are a few of my favs!

Super powers I wish I had: Super sonic speed and time manipulation

Favorite food: Tacos and pizza of course!

Fun things I like to do: I love spending time with my husband, Matt, two beautiful daughters, Skylar and Tori, and our black lab, Luna Storm. I love music and sports, especially football and hockey. You can usually find me cheering on the Florida Gators and the Tampa Bay Lightning. I am also the Director of the Pedro Menendez Winterguard!

Places I have visited: I had the amazing experience of traveling to Amsterdam with my high school Winterguard team! I still love visiting new places with my family, but SeaWorld is one of our favorite places to go!

I love my job because: Being a part of the Smiles By Glenos team since 2001, I have had the unique opportunity of seeing thousands of smiles transform and I have watched so many children grow up. Getting to know so many families over the years and forming new relationships makes my job extra special!


Lisa Holstein

Scheduling Coordinator/Patient Coordinator/Certified Orthodontic Technician/Lab Technician

Hometown: St. Augustine, Florida

Favorite movie: "Goodfellas"

Super power I wish I had: To be Invisible.

Favorite food: Anything my momma cooks!

Fun things I like to do: Read, paint, restore old furniture, and crochet.

Places I have visited: Jamaica, Mountains, and Canada. I always hope to have the chance to go out to the Western U.S.

I love my job because: I began my orthodontic career here in 1997. I love helping people transform their smiles and watch as their confidence rises with their new smile. I also love working in the business office and being an integral part of the team!


Haley Kellogg

Patient Coordinator

Hometown: Middleburg, Florida

Favorite movie: "Sweet Home Alabama"

Super power I wish I had: Time Travel

Favorite food: Pasta

Fun things I like to do: Shopping, fishing, and going to the beach.

Places I have visited: New York City

I love my job because: I love seeing smiles transform! 


Brittany Andrews

Clinical Coordinator/Orthodontic Technician/Lab Technician

Hometown: Satsuma, Florida

Favorite movie: "Mulan"

Super power I wish I had: Teleportation.

Favorite food: Shrimp

Fun things I like to do: Hunting, fishing and mudding.

Places I have visited: The Bahamas and Mexico. I would love to visit the United Kingdon.

I love my job because: Changing smiles everyday makes it a little extra special for both the patients and me. With Orthodontics always evolving, I am always excited to regularly attend continuing education seminars. 


Gretchen Willingham

Orthodontic Technician

Hometown: St. Augustine, Florida

Favorite movie: "Goonies"

Super power I wish I had: I wish I could fly!

Favorite food: Tacos

Fun things I like to do: Collect sharks teeth, make jewelry, go to the beach, and hang out with my family and friends.

Places I would love to visit: I would love to visit Australia one day. 

I love my job because: I love meeting new people and helping them achieve their perfect smile!


Sara Gardner

Certified Orthodontic Technician/Lab Technician

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Favorite movie: "Moulin Rouge"

Super power I wish I had: Telepathy

Favorite food: Pizza

Fun things I like to do: Spend time with my family and make wire trees.

Places I would love to visit: Paris

I love my job because: I love the positive feeling of changing peoples smiles since I started here in 2005!


Kelsi Cates

Orthodontic Technician

Hometown: St. Augustine, Florida

Favorite movie: "Southpaw"

Super power I wish I had: Teleportation

Favorite food: Steak

Fun things I like to do: I enjoy going to the beach and boating.

Places I would love to visit: Belize, Africa, and Australia

I love my job because: I love to help others and make people feel better about themselves. Seeing smiles change is a great way to do that!

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