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Smiles by Glenos


Smiles by Glenos would like to thank everyone who made our Annual Halloween Bash a super Hit!! We had a blast!! As Always, we are looking forward to next year!! 

Dr. Glenos getting his Annual pie in the face - He never gets tired of it!! Way to go!! GREAT SHOT!!


Congratulations to all the winners of Smile by Glenos' Annual Halloween Bash!

Smiles by Glenos would like to thank all patients and friends who made this year's Halloween Bash so much fun!! We had a blast!! As Always, am looking forward to next year!!

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Monthly Brusher Prize Giveaway

We have a great brushing contest that our patients are eligible to enter each month!

At your banding appointment, the technicians will instruct you thoroughly on brushing and flossing while wearing braces.

At each appointment you will be graded on your brushing and flossing. Every time you receive a grade of "Excellent" or "Awesome" you will be able to enter your name into our monthly "Awesome Brusher" Contest. At the end of each month we will draw a name out of the box and that person will receive the reward displayed for that month!

Some of our cool rewards include movie tickets, gift cards to restaurants or retail stores, sports stuff, and more!

We want everyone to have a chance to enter, so work very hard to keep those pearly whites brushed and flossed!


St. Augustine Brusher of the Month

Congratulations Johnny!
Enjoy your goodies!!

St. Johns Brusher of the Month

Congratulations Fabian!
Enjoy your goodies!!

You've Been Spotted Contest

If you are spotted wearing your Smiles By Glenos t-shirt out and about or in to your appointment, you will receive tickets for miniature golf and tokens for Adventure Landing!

Golf Adventure

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